• Qzone Phonebooth


    Add a bit of private space to your open plan office.  The phone booth is perfect for sensitive phone calls, working on confidential documents, or just a bit of peace and quiet. Available in stocked options of white or new oak.


    Product Features:

    • Stocked in Grey/ White and Grey/ New Oak
    • Toughened glass door
    • Flat packed for easy moving and transportation, fits comfortably in most lifts
    • Motion sensor, light, extraction fan, GPO & USB power outlet
    • Made with acoustic panel that helps tune out noise
    • 10 years warranty (excludes electrical components)
    • Comes with bench to take notes or work on your laptop
    • Internal walls absorb 75% of sound waves (100 fold reduction in sound intensity)
    • Packing Type:
    • 10 cartons
    • Assembly time: 2 people, 2 hours, simple electrical work required.


    Need more information? Download product resources from olgoffice.com or contact the team on (02) 8188 2732